OUR Goal

To have a community and knowledge for the running of life

At A Glance

We all know that education is more that going to school and that learning
is key for development and change


Our Aims and Objectives


To carry out Research and Information dissemination as well as community awareness through training and advocacy.


To sensitize and embark on programs to control prevent and reduce on the spread of HIV/AIDS and other health related issues..

gender equality

To promote gender equality and empowerment of women youth and children


To promote environment conservation and protection & embark on poverty eradication peace building and conflict resolution programs.

Young Leaders Forum (YLF)

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Recently hosted by Education forum Africa, The Young Leaders Forum (YLF) is a 3-days long, annual program of dialogue, workshops, institutional visits and capacity building sessions bringing youth between the age of 18-35 years, from social-political movements, business start-ups, social enterprises, civil society, international organizations and public institutions. It is aimed at connecting youth to share experiences and learn from each other on the selected themes, discuss challenges they face and devise way forward to address them. It will bring youth in touch with their peers, researchers, entrepreneurs, influential speakers and development partners.

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Some of our recent activities and projects

Our organisation

Driving Force
Being a source of moral support to marginalized groups. To transform communities through equipping them with necessary knowledge is our mission.
The goal
Our Goal To have a community that is equipped with the necessary information and knowledge for the daily running of life.
We believe in achievement


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